April 10, 2009

To leave or not to leave that is the Iraqi Question

First here is the Article that spawned this question.

Next my thoughts.

Far be it for a lowly NCO to speak his mind but it is my given right as an American and urge everyone else to do it as well. When I heard that we were leaving Iraq my first thought was WTF over?! Given the current state of the country and the shift towards Afghanistan I undstand the need to shift troops and to slow down the rotations to give more soldier time wih their families. I am all about that. Now forget that most of the nation acctually believes what they hear on television and think for a second. Why on earth would you pull troops out at this point other than politial posturing?

The news reports that MOST people see point to many Iraqi nationals wanting the US out. What they don't show is the surpising number that want us to stay there and finish what we started. I am a firm believer that you should finish whether or not you are faced with adversity. The issue I forsee happening is something close to the Russians and Afghanistan after their 10 year war. It just happened that Russia up and left the Afghan people to rebuild their the homes that they had destroyed and had since fostered a large hate and left a significant power vacum which was almost imediately filled by the Taliban. Wonder why the Afghan people initially hated the US so much? Why the Taliban was allowed to grow to their pre-9/11 strength? Because once the Russian left so did our money that helping to fund their insurgency.

This same issue could happen in Iraq today as it di in Afghanistan many years ago. Al-qaeda is still prevalent in many northern towns as well as other neighboring countries waging their own insurgent suport lines against the US.

In my opinion as an analyst.....I say stay the course finish till it is complete it is the right thing to do by the people.

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